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Baltimore’s Marijuana Miracle – Lillyann Baker – Celebrates Being Seizure Free for One Year!

Lillyann, suffered from a severe brain injury that occurred when at seven weeks old, Lillyann Baker was accidently dropped while removing her from her swing. This injury required doctors to induce her into a coma for two weeks. Following the induced coma Lillyann started to suffer from frequent seizures daily.

After being transferred to Kennedy Krieger Institute Rehabilitation Center, Lillyann spent two months on a feeding tube until she began drinking out of a bottle, while continuing to suffer from multiple seizures daily.

Once she arrived home Lillyann was taking two powerful anti-seizure medications, but was still suffering at least 30 seizures a day. It was at this point that her parents sought other options.

Medical Cannabis

Lillyann was by all means not predicted to have a certain quality of life. That was until Medical Cannabis changed all of that. Her mother Cassandra Stephan discovered Real Scientific Hemp Oil online and decided to give it to Lillyann to see if it could help, after exhaustively trying almost every other CBD product on the market including Charlotte’s Web, all to no effect.

Cassandra says Lillyann’s seizures subsided almost immediately. Now, she is visibly seizure free and is interacting with the family, moving her legs and arms and even scooting around.

Another Milestone Hit

Recently Lillyann celebrated a milestone that no one could have predicted, she started attending pre-Kindergarten at Battle Monument School in Baltimore.

Now, the family celebrates one year of Lillyann being completely seizure free. This is an amazing fact when you consider that she has gone from having over 30 seizures a day to being seizure free.

The family was recently featured on NBC News discussing their story and how medical marijuana has helped change little Lillyann’s life.

We want to help spread the word about Lillyann’s special anniversary and help showcase what medical marijuana can do for the others who may be suffering from conditions like Lillyann’s.

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